Innovative Drying Systems

SMART Belt Dryer and TWISTER Silo Dryer

Innovative Drying Systems for Humid Biomass

During the development of the florafuel Process, two innovative dryers were developed, built and optimised. The florafuel Procedure and the development of the drying systems were accompanied by the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich (Universität der Bundeswehr München).

As these drying systems are also suitable for use outside of the florafuel Procedure for drying wood chips or other biomass, they are also built and marketed independently of the florafuel Procedure by floradry GmbH.

floradry® SMART Multi-Layer Belt Dryer

Industrial and agricultural drying processes are subject to economic as well as quality-assurance criteria. With the development of the patented floradry® SMART, a belt dryer was optimized exactly in line with these requirements. 

The floradry® SMART multi-layer belt dryer is suitable for the drying of feed, wood chips, sawdust, grass seed, beet pulp, separated fermentation residues, grain as well as the drying organic residues.

Image: floradry® SMART Multi-Layer Belt Dryer


More information on the SMART Multi-Layer Belt Dryer as well as a Product Data Sheet is available to download here

floradry® Silo Dryer TWISTER

To complement the SMART Multi-Layer Belt Dryer, floradry® GmbH produces the patent-pending TWISTER Silo Dryer.

The TWISTER is ideal for drying materials that are not free-flowing or for structured, chopped biomass and is optimised under the aspects of energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Image: floradry® TWISTER Silo Dryer

More information on the TWISTER Silo Dryer as well as a Product Data Sheet is available to download here.