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About florafuel AG

Green Technology for Bioenergy from Biomass

florafuel AG has developed an innovative procedure which enables local authorities, farmers, composting plant operators and trade companies to process biomass and biogenic waste (such as grass, foliage, reeds, marshland cuttings, roadside cuttings and silage) into high-grade, regenerative CO2-neutral energy sources in the form of pellets and briquettes. The plants and dryers needed for this are developed and sold on the market by florafuel AG. 

The florafuel Procedure, which is patented worldwide (first patent application in 2003), opens up completely new possibilities for companies, cities and local authorities in generating regional bioenergy. This procedure enables the power of hitherto unused energy resources to be harnessed in a cost-efficient and environmentally sound way. The environmentally friendly fuel optimised through the florafuel Procedure is not only characterised by a comparatively high calorific value but also by an extremely positive energy balance. 

As the florafuel Procedure exclusively involves energy recovery from organic residue and biological waste, the florafuel technology does not compete with the production of agricultural feed or food. Besides this, the procedure is an alternative to composting and fermentation and thereby reduces environmentally damaging emissions, such as nitrous oxide, methane and ammonia. 

Furthermore, the florafuel Procedure harnesses a sufficient amount of bioenergy and energy sources to cover base load requirements. The combustion or gasification of florafuel fuels is carried out decentrally, allowing precisely the amount of energy required to be supplied locally at any time in the form of electricity and heat. The florafuel Procedure is thus an ideal addition in the bioenergy mix, both from an ecological and economical point of view.

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